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boys unbuckling their belts is the hottest thing in the world tbh

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There is nothing inherently romantic about sex. There are strange sounds; groaning, the slap of body against body, creaking bed frames and unintentional guttural responses to being touched like there is something within you worth reaching for.

It’s the in-betweens, for me. The desperate grasping for something more than skin; the mouths open against one another, as if hoping to catch the other’s uneven breath within the hitches in their own.

With the right person? It’s romance, at the very core of the word. It is infinite closeness. No simple vigorous pushing or desperate clinging, but the build of body upon body into the collision of skin and pure soul. That’s it, for me. There’s something about very certain sex that feels like touching someone’s soul.


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"People get tired of your sadness"

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I want to die